Comercial Parthner


Commercial brand

Mother company

Design and manufacture of special machinery.

+20 years of experience.

Robotics, industrial automation and computer vision.

3DVAT was born in 2017 as a spin-out of Simaupro for the promotion and distribution of products born in Simaupro as a result of its extensive work experience in innovation.

For promotion and distribution, 3DVAT has initiated important alliances with consolidated companies in the sector. Cooperation agreements such as the one established with König allow us to be present in a large number of markets, guaranteeing a fast and close service to our customers.

With the objective that the needs of the market are closer to the R & D department, 3DVAT has assumed the research, innovation and development funtions that Simaupro had been carrying out in the areas of artificial vision and application development. Speeding up the launch of new software.

the team: